Big Sur Session: Sleeping Beneath the Red Giants

Session full - registration closed
Trip length
8 days
8.5 - 14
Saturday, July 1 - Saturday, July 8 (Second session this year)

The Camp Chrysalis Big Sur session is an ideal introduction to camping outdoors. Sleeping beneath the majestic redwoods in Pfeiffer State Park, we are embraced by their ecology.

Our pace is leisurely: we explore the creek-bed and the geological stories it tells, spy on crawdads and lizards, laze out at the swimming hole. Back at camp, carving redwood staves and etching our wishes on marble cobbles gleaned from the river are favorite local crafts. The friendly competition of catch-and-release crawdad hunt prompts campers to understand the crawdad’s own hunting and feeding techniques.

Expeditions include a hike up a lush redwood canyon to a waterfall, stopping at a “fairy ring” to investigate redwood reproduction. Later we hike out to Andrew Moleras beach, building driftwood palaces and enjoying a natural waterslide.

Finally, we wade up the powerful Big Sur river gorge to a fabulous swimming hole surrounded by high walls of metamorphic rock.